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    Linqi professional supplies: dyeing sand, rain stone, water washing stone, luminous stone, glass sand, glass beads


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    Lingshou Linqi mine product trade Co., Ltd.

    Our factory is a professional manufacturer of glass beads in China. On the basis of traditional glass production technology, combined with modern scientific and technological means, the development and production of ordinary, reinforced, wear-resistant, neutral glass microbeads and glass sand. The product is strictly managed and produced according to the standard of ISO9000 and ISO14000. It has been widely used in chemical paint, dye, ink, tape, medicine, kaolin, papermaking, cotton plastic, metallurgy, petroleum, construction and other production fields. The products are well sold all over the country, and the customers are well received. Our factory has advanced equipment, technical specification and perfect testing means. It has 2 senior engineers and more senior technicians. The product has good quality, stable performance, good wear resistance, thermal stability and high mechanical strength, good faith and common development. It is our enterprise spirit. We wholeheartedly provide our customers with the best quality products.…

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    What is water glass sand casting?
    Sodium silicate sand is a kind of material used for making shell, and can also be used as binder. It is not an independent casting method.There are two main methods of use:1, quartz sand + water glass ……
    How to distinguish the good and bad of glass beads and glass sand?
    High quality glass beads and glass sand are specially treated when processing special materials. This can be taken for laboratory testing, and it is the industry professionals who have worked for many ……
    How do you distinguish between glass sand and emery?
    Glass sand is divided into color glass sand and transparent glass sand, transparent glass sand on the appearance of white sugar, colored glass sand although it has color, but because it is later artifi……


    How to maintain the natural col…

    Natural colored sand for construction is derived from granite and marble. Because of its essence is sand and gravel, it does not require excessive maintenance. However, many customers are concerned abo…details>>

    Lingshou Linqi mineral products trading Co., Ltd. all rights reserved address: Shijiazhuang Industrial Park, Lingshou, Hebei, China.
    Customer service hotline: 86+13180046999

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